Second Language Tutoring using Social Robots

L2TOR (pronounced ‘el tutor’) is a research project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The project aims to design a child-friendly tutor robot that can be used to support teaching preschool children a second language (L2) by interacting with children in their social and referential world. For more details, consult the project’s website.

Core Tilburg team:

  • Paul Vogt (PI)
  • Emiel Krahmer (PI)
  • Mirjam de Haas (PhD student)
  • Jan de Wit (PhD student)
  • Bram Willemsen (researcher)


  • Rian Aarts


  • Pieter Wolfert
  • Chani Savelberg
  • Reinjet Oostdijk
  • Nicole Goossens
  • Elise van Wonderen

Past students:

  • Chiara de Jong
  • Emmy Rintjema
  • Peta Baxter
  • Anne Kessels
  • Marijn Peters Rit
  • Sanne van Gulik